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We are celebrating Care Providers of Minnesota’s 75th anniversary this year, a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and set our sights on the future as an organization leading collaboration and innovation to improve health. Our organization was established as the Minnesota Nursing Home Association, subsequently there were two name changes: Minnesota Association of Health Care Facilities in 1972 and Care Providers of Minnesota, effective at the start of 1987.

The Association had as their roots family owned, developed and operated facilities. It began as the Association of Nursing Homes, with monthly meetings and individual dues of $5.00/person. Here are a few excerpts from the association meetings of 1947:

February 4, 1947 “That patients should pay for a full day on the dates of admission and dismissal was agreed upon by members of the Association. It was further decided that bills be computed on a thirty-day month basis for the entire year.”

March 3, 1947 “Mrs. Pearson (President) was appointed to send a wire to Gov. Youngdahl in regards to our (the association) being required to keep bad seniles through April due to the fact there was no available room at Rochester for them.”

April 1, 1947 “There were nineteen association members for dinner-speaker Florence Burton (guest) chief of the Women’s & Children’s division of the State Industrial Board. She outlined the State laws governing wages and hours of female help, exclusive of nurses and office help.”


First paid staff approved:

“RESOLVED: That the Board of Directors of this Association appoint a committee to study, the hiring of a full time Executive Secretary, the raising of funds to defray the expense thereof by a special assessment which shall not exceed twice the amount of dues paid in 1960 by such member, which assessment shall be made on a per bed basis…”


Board approved hiring of Mr. Edwin Yattaw of Montevidio as the first Executive Secretary of the Association.

The Minnesota Nursing Home Association filed first formal Articles of Incorporation with the state. Incorporators were Sidney Shields, Jacque Pierce & William Goldberg.


Philip Griffin was hired as Executive Secretary to replace Edwin Yattaw who resigned in September 1963.


Jim Green was Executive Vice President


Articles of Incorporation amended to change the name of the association from The Minnesota Nursing Home Association to The Minnesota Association of Health Care Facilities (MAHCF)filed by President David Meillier and Marian Posthumus.


Rick Carter was introduced as the new associate director of the Minnesota Association of Health Care Facilities in 1973; he was named Jim Green’s replacement as Executive Vice President in 1983. Title changed to President in 1988.


Association name changed from MAHCF to Care Providers of Minnesota.


Rick Carter retired as President/CEO; Patti Cullen replaced him as President/CEO on June 1, 2007.