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Posted: 2023-08-30
Residential Assisted Living Home/Golden Bay Homes   |   View on map   |

This position is responsible for providing personal care and delegated nursing services designed to maintain the residents’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Also includes household duties.

• Assist with personal cares which may include all or some of the following: shampooing of hair, assist with showering, rubbing with lotions, fingernail cares and foot cares if instructed to do so by an RN, medication administration, redirection of a confused resident, and other cares as assigned. • Assist with toileting • Assist with dressing, grooming and oral cares as assigned am/pm shift. • Assist in use of hearing aids and glasses for clients. Make sure hearing aids are charged if needed. Hearing aids and glasses must be cleaned on a daily basis. • Assist with treatments as delegated by the Register Nurse according to the resident’s individualized care plan. • Observe resident and report changes to management and RN immediately. This includes, but not limited to, bruises, skin breakdowns, change in attitude, weight loss, loss of appetite, irregular bowel (no BM’s within 3 days) and no urine output within 12 hours. • Medication administration or assistance with self-administration of medications as delegated by RN. Responsible for completing Medication Administration in Rtasks at the time medications administered. Count the meds, verify all packets and punch cards with Rtasks before administering. • Follow the PRN Procedure which includes administering PRN. Refer to PRN Procedure for more details. • Follow the Narcotic Procedure. The Narcotic Procedure also includes counting all narcotics at the end of your shift. Verify with other staff in Rtasks of narcotic counts. Do not leave the facility without counting. • Take and record temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration as instructed. Report changes or concerns to RN. • Residents must participate in social activities every day. This includes, but not limited to: range of motion, daily awareness (daily news, date, weather, holiday, etc.), games, puzzles, crafts, exercises, spa days, karaoke, etc. Document all activity in resident daily cares. Note if refused. • Always cheerful with a hello and good morning for residents. Initiates friendly conversations with residents; shows concerns for their welfare. • Listen carefully to residents’ complaints and concerns without interjecting personal thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. Gives tenants a respectful response and direct problems to owners. • Check on residents at a minimum every 2 hours during sleeping hours. Refer to each resident’s care plan for specific instructions.

Great Pay, ability to earn PTO as a full-time employee. Flexible hours.

JOB DURATION: Full and Part Time

Tram Nguyen