Consumer Information

This collection of helpful links to Minnesota state government, federal government, associations and groups, and other sites of interest to consumers and providers, can help as you make the emotional and important life decision of long-term care for your loved one.

Find a Care Center
Takes you to Our Senior Care—an initiative led by AHCA/NCAL to assist consumers with long-term care decision-making.
This site replaces the prior website, Care Conversations.




Minnesota Hospital Notification Requirements (pdf)
A new Minnesota law was passed in 2015 (Minnesota Statute 144.586) that requires hospitals licensed in Minnesota to provide certain oral and written information to patients during their hospital stay or prior to hospital discharge.

Protecting Residents from Financial Exploitation (pdf)
When an older person in an assisted living or nursing facility is the target of financial abuse, everyone suffers. Financial losses affect the resident, the facility, and the broader community. 

 Identifying and Intervening in Financial Exploitation (pdf)
There is growing awareness of financial exploitation of vulnerable adults, throughout Minnesota and around the globe. Minnesota law defines adults who are facility residents, inpatients, and clients of licensed home care as categorically vulnerable.

Cost Plan Kiosk Card (pdf)
Medicare Cost Plans, a type of plan popular in Minnesota, will end in December 2018 for many enrollees, affecting their Medicare coverage for 2019. Print and distribute this kiosk card to residents and families.

Health Care Home Care Coordination Toolkit (pdf)
... for working with persons with complex needs and older adults.

 Raising Expectations—A State Scorecard on LTSS for Older Adults (pdf)
A multidimensional approach to measure state-level performance of LTSS systems that provide assistance to older people and adults with disabilities.