Clinical Workshop Series

January 22, 2019: Staff competencies

This workshop will focus on the requirements for nursing competencies as described in the Requirements of Participation and how to develop a library of competency tools. Participants will receive a tool to guide them in converting policies and procedures to competency documentation worksheets.


February 13, 2019: Survey response—How to write a clear plan of correction

Participants will receive helpful knowledge and resources for the completion of an acceptable plan of correction. Accurate, complete, and comprehensive plans of correction will help an organization meet the federal and state requirements for skilled nursing facilities.


March 13, 2019: Behavioral health

With the new regulations for Behavioral Health effective November 2019, the workshop will address the requirements and implementation strategies for a compliant behavioral health program in a skilled nursing facility (SNF).


April 10, 2019: Data = Quality

The current healthcare environment recognizes publicly reported data as a representative of the quality of care provided in a facility. Learn how to use your facility’s data to improve quality and sustain high level performance.


May 8, 2019: Compliance & ethics program

A compliance and ethics program is required by the Requirements of Participation. Learn about the key elements of a compliance and ethics program to comply with the Phase 3 regulations.


June 12, 2019: What does a root cause analysis really mean?

Root Cause analysis is often avoided or incompletely performed which can lay the groundwork for ineffective problem-solving. Learn about the process for thorough root cause analysis and how to prioritize and select the causes, contributing factors and actions that allow undesirable processes that lead to unwanted outcomes.


Meet the presenter/facilitator
Karolee Alexander, RN, RAC-CT, Clinical & Reimbursement Director, Pathway Health Services
Ms. Alexander has over 25 years of nursing leadership in long-term care, including 12 years as a director of nursing services for various facilities and six years in various MDS and reimbursement positions. In these roles, she has established herself as an expert in the management of nursing operations, reimbursement systems, and performance improvement. Ms. Alexander is a strong proponent of resident centered care having established many programs and processes to bring about the cultural changes to ensure the success of the programs. In her role as a consultant, she has proven success with regulatory turn around, mentoring of nursing management, interim director of nursing roles as well as systems analysis and implementation of policies and procedures. Karolee also possesses a strong technology interest and has experience with implementation of clinical software systems.