Building the Strength From Within—Understanding the Trauma of COVID response


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The fourth in the webinar series continues to expand the foundation of self-care using the key concepts of strength, risks, and trauma.

Over the past year, we have experienced so much it has become a maze of complexity. We use terms of unprecedented times, new normal, never been seen, pivot, social distancing, and so many more. We all have different ways of staying strong and resilient. Over the months, how do you sustain the strength, and how do you know when too much is just too much. Our presentation will balance the building of strength and look at the risks and the trauma that may impact any of us.

Learning objectives
  • The presentation will share self-care practices and resiliency as it relates to the impact of COVID and pandemic
  • The presentation's focus will be on healthcare professional's environment and the impact and balance between work and home life
  • The presentation will look at the continuum of trauma and how to help oneself and others

speaker imageJonathan Bundt
Masa Consulting
Jonathan Bundt has worked in the behavioral science, public safety, and healthcare field for over 30 years specializing in disaster and crisis mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Jonathan runs his own consulting company, Masa Consulting, which specializes in bringing behavioral science into all areas of support, wellness into the field of healthcare. He assisted in developing the first program in Psychological First Aid in Minnesota. Jonathan is currently working with Metro and state healthcare coalitions in the development of staff wellness strategies over the past year.

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Original Air Date: 03/09/2021
Length: 58 minutes
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