In order to survive these COVID times


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This is the second in a webinar series and continues to expand the foundation of self-care using the key concepts of hope, personal responsibility, education, self- advocacy and support. The stress of COVID has affected everyone especially those in the health care industry. Stressors faced by health care staff are compounded and complex. Often, there are additional demands experienced by health care staff from different cultural communities that are resulting in burnout. In this presentation, three conflicts related to COVID-19 will be discussed from a cultural perspective. Targeted culturally-based self-care strategies will be identified for use in and away from work. This will include using communication skills centered on asking for help, validation, and offering ideas or suggestions to others along with collaborative actions that can be taken by staff and managers leading to improving life and work performance in order to survive these COVID times.

Learning objectives
  • Build awareness and understanding about key demands and the cultural conflict that arises, which impacts health care workers
  • Identify self-care strategies drawn from traditional culture foundations that can help in managing conflicts when activated by health care workers in their daily routines
  • Learn and practice communication skills of asking for help, validating each other, how to offer ideas or suggestions. Collaborative actions that staff and managers can activate in the workplace will be identified in order to build team resiliency and survive these COVID times

speaker imageDorice Kelly 
Dorice Kelly, RN lives the immigrant experience. Born in western Kenya, Dorice dreamed of getting her education in the US and becoming a Nurse. In 2019, she achieved her goal. This did not happen easily.

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Original Air Date: 01/14/2021
Length: 58 minutes
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Category: Human Resources
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