Supporting ourselves in the moment—Self care for LTC


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It is in the moment where our stories are created. The stories we tell ourselves drives how we feel, respond, and support each other. As caregivers, we are faced with challenging situations, families and other staff that cause stress, anxiety, and burnout. What if we could change the story in the moment and replace frustration and judgement with compassion and grace?

Learning objectives
  • Understand the importance of mindfulness, connection, and perspective of the stories we tell ourselves, situations, and each other
  • Gain perspective on what self compassion looks like and feels like, and the impact it has on the stories we tell ourselves and how we respond. When we can learn to be more compassionate to ourselves, we automatically are more compassionate to others
  • Learn how to use the tools of “Today’s Life Impact Scale” and the "5 Second Rule," to change the stories we tell ourselves, therefore, changing our reactions we have to tough situations

speakerKrisie Barron, LSW
Caregiver Specialist, Embrace, Inc

Krisie Barron, LSW is a caregiver specialist with over twenty years of experience helping individuals and families walk their aging journey.  Krisie has found that the best gift we can give each other is our gift of experience. Through her education, experience with clients, and her own personal experience as a caregiver, she brings a unique, all-encompassing view of caregiving, as well as an understanding of the trials and tribulations that come with the caregiving journey. Caregiver support and education is her specialty. Krisie has a passion for helping caregivers and the people they support. The journey can be difficult, frustrating, and lonely. With the right tools and support, caregivers can thrive—instead of just survive. Krisie's unique personality and style of teaching engages audience members and gives caregivers tangible tools to walk away with. Krisie is a licensed social worker and certified caregiver consultant who provides training and support to professional and family caregivers. She also has an extensive background in nursing home care; home- and community-based services (HCBS), home care, and hospice.

Original Air Date: 08/13/2020
Length: 53 minutes
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