Kathy Coury

Kathy Coury

Time is our most precious gifts, and volunteers freely give of their time and talents—with no expectation of recognition. The Volunteer of the Year Award—Individual recognizes a youth or adult who has made contributions to the quality of life for residents/tenants/clients or family members, or to the working environment for staff.. 
An incredible person who gives freely of her time & talent!

Kathy Coury is a volunteer at The Estates at Rush City/Monarch Healthcare, a nursing facility located in Rush City. Nominated by Mary Shaw, Social Services Director, here is what Mary had to say about this year’s Volunteer of the Year-Individual award recipient:
Kathy Coury has been with The Estates at Rush City for 40-plus years, 11 of those years as a volunteer. She is the kind of woman everyone wants to be around, with an infectious smile and a kind heart that is evident upon first glance. She is such a team player and her level of dedication to the residents has not changed since retirement.

Kathy has the ability to invite many residents to an activity without anyone wanting to turn her invitation down. She is kind, energetic and very passionate about brightening the day of others in any way she can. It is a common site to see her singing and dancing with musical guests and engaging the residents and staff. Chances are, you will find Kathy in some sort of costume to fit the theme or holiday.

I can think of no other person that is as deserving of this honor for Volunteer of the Year. She has warmed the hearts of so many of her years with The Estates at Rush City.

Kathy worked as an Activities director for 30 years here at the Estates and has been volunteering for the last 11 years after her retirement. Kathy couldn't give up being with the residents and continues to bring joy every time she enters the facility.

Kathy is fearless in her willingness to dance, sing, and be playful with the residents. She is a specialist at including and dancing with those confined to a wheelchair. Those who may be advanced in dementia or other cognitive impairments never get left out when Kathy is around!

Kathy is the QUEEN of the birthday hat and is always the first to gather as many staff and residents as possible to sing to whoever is celebrating a birthday. The staff in their offices can hear her joyful laugh and chatter as she makes her way down the hallways to pass out treats for the day for staff and residents.

quote imageEven during this COVID-19 Pandemic, Kathy continues to show compassion and empathy by calling the facility to check in on her people and offer any support she can from afar! Kathy has a vast knowledge of songs, old and new. She has a gift of being able to improvise and come up with a fun activity on the fly. Her "name that tune" game is always a hit with the residents.

With all of Kathy's experience as an activities director, she has graciously provided direction and shared her knowledge with those who have followed. She has always been a genuine advocate for the residents and for this we are grateful.

Comments from past co-workers: Kathy’s influence and work ethic has helped me greatly over the years in making me not only a better person but a better Director. She has always been someone to look up too. Kathy is one to always see the glass half full. She saw the world through "rose colored glasses" and her sense of humor always came through even in tough times. She is one of the most flexible people I know and is not afraid to 'punt' when needed.


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