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What do brands like Starbucks, The Beatles, and Al’s Breakfast have in common? They all have successfully achieved iconic status. Iconic brands have a purpose beyond money and provide a brand experience that stands out from the crowd and serves as a shining symbol of excellence to which other brands aspire. There’s a common myth that becoming an iconic brand is reserved for Fortune 500 companies with large marketing budgets. But that assumption is wrong! Even if you’re a 14-seat, diner/institution in Dinkytown (Minneapolis), any company, regardless of size and location, can achieve iconic status.

Create competitive advantage by leveraging the four components of The ICONIC Framework™. During this session, attendees will not only be introduced to strategies and tactics that can help transition companies into iconic status, but also address the criticality of employee engagement and customer experience in building a brand that stands the test of time.
Calvin Stovall, CEO, chief experience officer & iconicity enthusiast, ICONIC Presentations
Armed with more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality and non-profit services industries, Calvin’s audiences learn real-life, hands-on practical customer experience and leadership principles which can be easily applied to business challenges today. Calvin designed a practical and systematic technique called The ICONIC Framework™ to help organizations achieve and maintain iconic status in the eyes of their customers. The ICONIC Framework™ was built based on nearly two decades of practical branding and leadership experience, and countless hours of readings from secondary research of iconic brands over the years.

Calvin was born and raised in the infamous Cabrini Green housing projects in Chicago during the era of the iconic 70s syndicated television show, Soul Train. Calvin’s enthusiasm and immeasurable passion for music has continued throughout his adult years. Today, he leverages his life experiences as a business leader along with the universal language of music to engage and connect with his audiences. He has energized and motivated people nationwide with his high-content, unorthodox, and humorous platform.


Whether we're talking about employee engagement and retention, resident and client satisfaction, or census, it all comes down to one thing. People love to do business with people they like. It's all about relationships and the way we treat each other, and every interaction makes a difference! In this high-energy, fun, and interactive keynote, we'll explore the ways in which using intentional words of kindness, being present to the person in front of you, setting others up for success and making movie moments for customers & staff positively affects your bottom line! When you roll out the red carpet in this way, customers and team members fully engage with your organization! It isn't always easy, but when it comes to customer service and employee retention, every moment makes matters.

Donna Cutting, CSP, founder and CEO (chief experience officer), Red-Carpet Learning Systems
Donna leads a team of customer service experts that train organizational leaders to turn prospects into delighted customers; and delighted customers into raving fans. Rolling out the red carpet for others is as natural to Donna Cutting as breathing. Her fondest memories from childhood include the occasions when her mother and Memére, her French grandmother who was the mother of fourteen children, would roll out the red carpet for family members “returning home” to Fall River, Massachusetts. This tradition made a lasting impression on Donna and resonates with her to this day.

A stage actress and dynamic keynote speaker, Donna’s mission is to inspire you to experience the “thrill of the red carpet,” where your customers matter, your work matters and you matter. Her passion for rolling out the red carpet and creating exceptional customer experiences moved her to found Red Carpet Learning Systems, Inc., through which she and her team help organizational leaders turn prospects into customers and customers into raving fans!


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