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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2019  |  9:00–10:15 AM

101: Mystic kitchen tour
Mystic Lake offers several restaurants and catering services for thousands of meals. Lace up your walking shoes for a behind-the-scenes tour of the many kitchens—pastry, sushi, and catering to name a few—and how they create and deliver delicious meals. Please note, there are a limited number of spaces available. Those wishing to attend this session MUST sign up on-site at the Information/Registration desk.
Mystic Lake Center staff

102: Behavioral health management—Solutions for senior living
This session will introduce and describe an innovative pilot program designed to provide care management solutions in behavioral/mental healthcare in the senior living setting. A collaborative program supported by a senior living provider, mental health agency, primary physician practice, pharmacy, and an integrated technology vendor. The care model and solutions provided to support the clinical team will be discussed and outcomes reviewed to demonstrate this viable model for replication.
Ms. Amanda Johnson, RN, LNHA, Vice President of Clinical Operations, Tealwood Senior Living
Mr. Mark Anderson, Senior Vice President, Eldermark Software/Simply Connect HIE

103: What to do when you MIGHT have an overpayment
Billing rules are often complicated and unclear. What happens if you make a mistake and think you may have received an overpayment? The Affordable Care Act requires Medicare providers to report and return overpayments within 60 days of identification. The presenter will discuss key aspects of overpayment rules, including when an overpayment is identified; the importance of conducting reasonable diligence in investigating potential overpayments; the lookback period; and the importance of CMS’ six-month benchmark.
Mr. Jesse Berg, JD, MPH, Attorney, Gray Plant Mooty
Ms. Julia Reiland, Attorney, Gray Plant Mooty

104: Credential update for housing with services leaders
The session will provide an update on the legislation passed by the Minnesota Legislature to regulate the qualifications for managers and leaders in housing with services establishments. The speakers will cover the intent of the legislation and the process for making rules and requirements by the various agencies.
Mr. Steven E. Chies, MHA, FACHCA, HSE, Principle Manager, Care Paradigms Management, Inc.
Mr. Randy D. Snyder, LNHA, Executive Director, Minnesota Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators

105: In it to win it: Attract, engage & retain like a champ
This session will dive into strategies and practical solutions that can be used in senior care environments to facilitate a consistent and engaged workforce. We will examine case studies in long-term care and senior living, exploring the practices that were adopted to drive meaningful and measurable improvements. These improvements include increased staff satisfaction, greater employee engagement, and ultimately, lower turnover.
Ms. Lisa Fordyce, Executive Vice President, OnShift

106: All hazards approach to planning—Part I
Using a case study format, a "long-term care preparedness base plan" will be presented. There will be a plan walk-through highlighting each section and providing templates, links, sample policies, and procedures of required CMS regulations regarding emergency preparedness. "Incident command" will be reviewed, and each table will be assigned roles within the "incident command structure" to role-play during an "event." There will be time reserved for emergency planning questions.
Ms. Kimberly Thon, MMA, BS, NRCP, Consultant for LTC and EMS, KJTEP Consulting

107: MDS & neurobehavioral diseases
Through case scenarios and discussion, this "train-the-trainer" session will provide an increased awareness of the MDS requirements regarding diagnoses, as well as providing content and tools for the DON and nurse leaders to use in their facilities. Resources and clinical tools provided will include neurobehavioral symptoms, diagnoses, assessments, and care plans with interventions, such as the pseudobulbar affect.
Ms. Cindy Fronning, RN-BC, CDONA, FACDONA, RAC-CT, IP-BC, AS-BC, Director of Education, National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in LTC (NADONA)

108: Office of Health Facility Complaints: Reporting, data & updates
The Office of Health Facility Complaints (OHFC) will provide guidance and information regarding reporting requirements per the Minnesota Vulnerable Adults Act. In addition, the presentation will include updates from OHFC regarding general status updates, changes to infrastructure/staffing, and a deeper look into OHFC's data and trends over the last few years.
Ms. Lindsey Krueger, Director, Office of Health Facility Complaints, Minnesota Department of Health

109: Using the POLST to facilitate advance care planning
POLST (provider orders for life sustaining treatment) is a national program that enables patients/families to make choices about the types of medical treatments they do and don't want. The POLST form will be explained. By using a video and a scripted conversation, a POLST conversation can be expertly and comfortably presented by a nurse or social worker, enabling patients/families to make informed decisions about resuscitation, hospitalization, and medical (tube) feeding.
Dr. Victor Sandler, Medical Doctor, Fairview

MiniBytes logo110: MINIBYTES
Who is your client and decision maker(s)?
This session will cover the multiple authorities that are involved in the provision of care and housing services, which authority applies to various situations, and when and how to minimize conflict.
Mr. Aaron M. Sagedahl, Attorney, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC

I-9 compliance & audits in today’s enforcement climate
Discover the essentials for maintaining compliance with the federal employment eligibility verification requirements, adopting a proactive approach to compliance management by completing periodic self-audits, and an update regarding current enforcement activities.
Ms. Erin Immel, JD, M.ED, Director of Human Resources, Tealwood Senior Living

Mock surveys for assisted living: The process and the importance
An overview of an assisted living mock survey process and why it’s so important to have one done.
Ms. Naomi Fluck, RN, Director of Community Based Services, Senior Care Solutions, Inc

Fall assessment
Review post-fall assessment components and how to create an individualized fall prevention plan.
Ms. Tonjia Dye, RN, Consultant, Zellner Senior Health Consulting

111: Medication management updates: What's new & what's coming
This interactive discussion will focus on changes and highlight important aspects of medication management practices in skilled nursing, assisted living, and home care. Do we know the difference between hazardous drugs (HD) and hazardous waste pharmaceuticals (HWP)? Hint: they are not the same. We will discuss new handling recommendations of HDs and disposal requirements of HWPs; cover best practice recommendations for handling and accountability of controlled medications; and differentiate MedRec vs MRR.
Mr. Joe Litsey, RPh, PharmD, CGP, Director of Consulting Services, Thrifty White Pharmacy

112: Strategies to minimize situations with difficult family members
This session will focus on the steps your team can take to prevent difficult situations from occurring, minimizing risk with difficult family members, and strategies to help your team de-escalate situations with family members once they have occurred.

Mr. Justin Teal, LNHA, Administrator, The North Shore Estates
Ms. Maggie Paris, Housing Director, Tealwood Senior Living
Ms. Nicole Boe, RN, Nurse Manager, Minnesota Masonic Home Care Center
Ms. Nicole Sorem, Housing Manager, Riverside Assisted Living of Pillager
Ms. Heather Kasper-Maine, LSW, Director of Social Services, Pierz Villa, Inc.

113: Suicide & disability in the transgender community
Interweaving his personal experiences living as a transgender man with both a physical disability and a mental health diagnoses, author and award-winning speaker Nate Cannon will examine and discuss suicide and disability in the transgender community. From dealing with dysphoria to challenging stigma, Nate’s message of hope and recovery will both educate and inspire all those who identify or work with the LGBTQ community, mental health, or medically complex cases.
Mr. Nathan Cannon, Educator

114: An ethical approach to social work decision-making
This interactive session will cover best practices, considerations and strategies for social workers and their counterparts in making ethical decisions regarding their clients. Presenters will provide legal and regulatory information and resources for practitioners to use in navigating, sometimes challenging, real-life case scenarios, while delivering services and balancing individual and facility licensure requirements.
Ms. Jane Danner, MA, LSW, Director of Resident Engagement and Development, Volunteers of America National Services
Mr. Robert F. Rodè, Esq, Attorney/Partner, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC

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