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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2019  |  3:00–4:15 PM

601: Unintentional weight loss
Unintentional weight loss is common in the elderly, especially those in long-term care facilities, but it doesn't have to be. Learn the risk factors, signs/symptoms, and ways to prevent weight loss in this hands-on session.
Ms. Taylor Gawlik, RD, LD, CD, Regisitered Dietician and Dietary Manager, Upper Lakes Foods, Inc

602: MDH internal redesign of health regulation: An update
This session will provide an overview of how the Minnesota Department of Health redesigned it's internal organization and processes in the Health Regulation Division (HRD). The purpose of this redesign was to update and streamline the regulatory work in order to have better outcomes for those we protect and serve, in addition to a positive and rewarding work environment.
Ms. Michelle Larson, Director, Health Regulation Division, Minnesota Department of Health
Ms. Martha Burton-Santibanez, Assistant Division Director, Health Regulation Division, Minnesota Department of Health

603: Avoid non-payment: AR collections & hardship waivers
This session will identify and teach best practices upon admission to mitigate the risk of non-payment by both residents in nursing facilities and tenants/clients in the housing settings; discuss facility collection strategies and options (including Medical Assistance eligibility, elderly and hardship waivers) to correct non-payment and; explore legal options to resolve non-payment matters and maximize likelihood of success.
Mr. Aaron M. Sagedahl, Attorney, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC
Ms. Kelsey Nelson, Esq, Attorney, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC

MiniBytes logo604: MINIBYTES
Waivers made easy
Introduction to government waivers. Overview of the process and qualifications. Bring clarity to rate sheets, assessments, and what to expect from the program.
Mr. Brady Birk, Consultant, Dellwood Gardens/Paruan Inc.

Protect your organization from ransomware
It is critical that healthcare organizations take steps to protect patient records from ransomware attacks, which are a growing and serious threat. Learn how to protect your facility from attack.
Ms. Christianna Finnern, Shareholder, Winthrop & Weinstine, PA

MN PIPELINE Dual-Training program
Are you having a difficult time hiring CNAs, LPNs, medical lab assistants, radiologic or surgical techs or IT staff? The MN PIPELINE Dual-Training program addresses these workforce needs.
Ms. Kathleen Gordon, Pipeline Program Consultant, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Comprehensive home care service plans
An overview of the regulations and criteria required for service plans, treatment/therapy management plan and medication management plan under comprehensive home care.
Ms. Naomi Fluck, RN, Director of Community Based Services, Senior Care Solutions, Inc

605: Service excellence: An organizational culture
Professional, courteous, informed team members that are engaged, compassionate, smile, have a sense of humor, and are passionate and proactive in meeting the care needs of residents are the team members that bring service excellence to life every day. This presentation will address strategies for hiring socially skilled staff, setting expectations for daily service delivery, recognizing your service excellence stars, and mentoring staff that are not meeting service excellence expectations.
Ms. Cynthia Siders, Executive Consultant, Vaaler

606: Drug diversion: Working with advocates & law enforcement
Learn about the latest trends in exploitation and drug diversion in facilities, and how to best work with advocates and law enforcement to prevent drug diversion and intervene when it's occurring. The presenter will facilitate a panel discussion to include ombudsman, advocate, and law enforcement to discuss the issue. Participants will have an opportunity to hear what is occurring, how best to work with law enforcement, and opportunities to ask questions.
Ms. Marit Anne Peterson, JD, Program Director, Minnesota Elder Justice Center

607: Eye & vision health in the geriatric population
Eye disease and vision impairment are common in the geriatric population. A routine eye examination for all patients is important regardless of the patient’s physical or mental status. Lack of diagnosis and treatment for eye conditions can negatively impact eye health while also inadvertently causing social and functional decline; falls; and increased mortality. Learn the basics of an eye examination and key takeaways important to caretakers, health professionals, and administrative staff.
Dr. Michael Wallerich, OD, MBA, Director of Optometric Services, In-House Senior Services, LLC

608: Purpose & passion under pressure: Family & facility conflict
Conflict cannot be erased from long-term care settings. Resolution is hampered by disputes between consumers and providers. The best interest of the resident may be lost in accusations and misinformation. The moderator will pose three cases to two attorneys whose practice places them on different sides of the table when families and facilities reach an impasse. There will be a mix of point-counterpoint, best practice, and references to Minnesota legislation passed in 2019.
Ms. Iris C. Freeman, MSW, Adjunct Professor, Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Ms. Susan M. Voigt, Esq, Attorney, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC
Ms. Suzy Scheller, Attorney, Scheller Legal Solutions LLC

609: Annual update: Labor & employment for long-term care providers
This session will provide a practical update and specific recommendations regarding actions which employers must take in view of quickly and significantly changing labor and employment laws and regulations which affect long-term care facilities. Topics will include critical labor law developments and important developments with respect to employees with legally protected characteristics.
Mr. Robert C. Castle, Partner, Labor & Employment, Fox Rothschild LLP

610: Infection prevention: Develop your sustainable program
This session will provide a framework to develop a solid and sustainable infection control program for long-term care. Infection control is critical to the health and well-being of residents and staff. Infection control is also the most frequent regulatory citation. This presentation will help participants develop a comprehensive program that can be maintained over time and changes in management of the program.
Ms. Mary Ellen Bennett, MPH, RN, CIC, Nurse Specialist, Infection Control Assessment & Response Program (ICAR), Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention & Control Division, Minnesota Department of Health

611: Application of ancient medicine for the aging population
The ancient tradition of Ayurveda was born over 5,000 years ago. It focuses on creating balance in the body through cleansing practices, diet, herbs, and yoga. While countless individuals have experienced the benefits of Ayurveda for the last five centuries, emerging research is now proving that yoga and Ayurvedic medicine can be as effective as conventional drugs while producing no side effects. Learn how integrating this ancient wisdom into modern medicine can help us all age gracefully.
Ms. Cynthia Kim, Yoga Instructor, Student, Master in Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coaching, I'm Simply Cynthia

612: Vulnerable adult reporting in home care: What's reportable?
What is abuse, neglect, and exploitation; and what needs to be reported? The presenter will review the law on abuse, neglect, and exploitation and help you understand what your responsibilities are as mandated reporters; what to report and when; and essential practice tips and strategies using real life scenarios.
Ms. April J. Boxeth, JD, Esq, Attorney/Partner, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC

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