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Before attending the Care Providers of Minnesota Virtual Convention & Exposition, be sure to read through these tools & tips to make the most out of your experience!

Test Your Equipment in Advance
  • Please test and check your system at least 15 minutes before any LIVE session. This includes your network connection, device battery life, and speakers.
  • We recommend you use a desktop or laptop computer for the best experience. The platform is not optimal on a cell phone.

Your computer
  • Secure the best Internet access possible. A wired broadband connection is preferred connecting directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable. WIFI can work if you have adequate speed. A good rule of thumb for wireless is to move your computer or laptop as close to the modem as possible. Make sure no one else is accessing your shared Internet – no Netflix, gaming, Zoom calls, etc. To test your connection, go to An ideal speed is between 12-25 Mpbs.

Control Your Environment as Best You Can
  • Mute other devices that might interfere with your computer audio.
  • Create a learning-conducive environment, eliminating as many distractions as possible. Close out of other tabs and mute notifications, if possible.
  • Prepare your space with anything you may need during the virtual program (appropriate chargers, note-taking materials, water, etc.).

Troubleshooting Technical Difficulties
  • The webinar technology runs on higher bandwidth. Please know that some WIFI connections may be spotty.
  • Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others. If your slides are behind or you are having audio issues, please try to refresh the page.
  • If you have any technical problems within the convention platform, there is a RED EMAIL SUPPORT button in the upper righthand corner available during the conference.

  • Care Providers of Minnesota has created several ways to interact with presenters, attendees, and valued business partners
  • Each prerecorded session released November 9-13 includes a LIVE Q&A session where you may ask questions, share comments, and chat with other attendees.
  • Each LIVE session on November 16-18 includes opportunity to ask questions, share comments, and chat with other attendees.
  • Roundtable discussions are informal discussions on a topic where attendees may share webcams, audio, and chat with their colleagues.
  • If you cannot attend a LIVE Q & A for a particular session, you can submit questions when watching the recording by entering them in the Questions Box.
  • Valuable information, resources, and opportunities to connect with valuable business partners are available November 9-December 4 in the Expo, plus live chats time with platinum sponsors on November 16-18.
  • Have fun while checking out valued business partner booths by going on a scavenger hunt. You can earn up to four chances to win $100!

Make the Most of Your Care Providers of Minnesota Virtual Convention & Exposition Experience
  • Check out the full convention schedule with the Schedule tab.
  • Build your personal convention experience by selecting what sessions you want to “attend” by adding them to your dashboard.
  • Within the platform be sure to explore all areas of the convention, including the Expo, Awards, and Leading 4 Life.

Need technical help with the platform?
Click on the RED EMAIL SUPPORT button in the upper righthand corner.

Have non-technical questions?
Email the convention concierge:


Contact us for questions about registration or educational content for convention. We're here to help! Our toll-free number is 1-800-462-0024.

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Cheryl Smith
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