Money Saving Ideas in Dietary
Money Saving Ideas in Dietary
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A foodservice department can be a complicated place, especially when it comes to budgets. Ever wonder exactly where your money is going? Food cost control is not cutting corners. It is keeping firm control on food costs through the various stages. The most important factors affecting food costs are menus, purchasing, portions, theft, and waste. We’ll explore the common mistakes made to cut costs, look at where the money is actually going, and discuss some ideas to help control costs.

This webinar will:
  • Identify food service costs, how the money is actually spent, common mistakes made to cut costs, and the difference between cost of food purchased and actual food cost.
  • Define the major foodservice areas that affect cost: overproduction, menu, purchasing practices, staffing and labor, supplements and special functions.
  • Identify methods that will save money in foodservice operations.

Christine Link, MBA, RD, LD, Marketing Dietitian
Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Inc.

Original Air Date: 12/9/2010
Length: 60 minutes
Category: Administrative
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