F323—Accidents and Supervision Archived Webinar
F323—Accidents and Supervision Archived Webinar
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Federal survey deficiency F-323, Accidents and Supervision, is currently the second most frequent survey deficiency issued during nursing facility surveys in Minnesota. F-323 is cited in 43%-45% of all Minnesota standard surveys, compared to 32.8% nationwide. This webinar will focus on the most common situations that occur in facilities that support the issuance of a F-323 deficiency. Particular emphasis will be placed on the two most frequent reasons this deficiency is cited: resident falls and unsafe bed systems, however other reasons for the deficiency will also be addressed.

This webinar is ideal for Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Care Plan Coordinators, Maintenance Directors, and other facility staff.

Program attendees will learn:
  • What typically supports F-323 deficiencies in Minnesota
  • Strategies for minimizing F-323 deficiencies
  • Common staff mistakes related to F-323

Doug Beardsley, Vice President of Member Services
Care Providers of Minnesota

Original Air Date: 3/16/2011
Length: 90 minutes
CEU: This webinar is not eligible for CEUs
Category: Clinical/Regulatory
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