F329 Unnecessary Medications: Nursing Facility Survey Succe
F329 Unnecessary Medications: Nursing Facility Survey Succe
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Federal survey deficiency F-329, Unnecessary Medications, is currently the MOST frequent survey deficiency issued during nursing facility surveys in Minnesota. F-329 is cited in 39.5% of all Minnesota standard surveys, compared to 19.2% nationwide. Nationally, F-329 is the seventh most common federal regulation deficiency issued. This webinar will focus on the most common situations that occur in facilities that support the issuance of an F-329 deficiency. This webinar is ideal for Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Clinical staff, and other facility staff.

  • What typically supports F-329 deficiencies in Minnesota
  • Strategies for minimizing F-329 deficiencies
  • Common staff mistakes related to F-329

Presenters: Joe Litsey , R.Ph. Pharm. D, Consultant, Pharmacist Thrifty White Pharmacy Services

Original Air Date: 9/8/2011
Length: 60 minutes
Category: Clinical/Regulatory
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