Keeping Residents and Staff Safe from Abusive People
Keeping Residents and Staff Safe from Abusive People
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How do you handle harassing or abusive family members or visitors who violate your clients' and staff’s rights or create a volatile, dangerous, or damaging work environment? Attorneys Robert Rodè and Rebecca Coffin will offer strategies to employ before, during and after these events take place. They will prepare you for these situations and share game plans for dealing with threatening behavior.

Learning objectives:
Upon conclusion of this session, the learner will be able to:
  • Devise a game plan for combating abusive and harassing family members or visitors.
  • Understand laws to protect facilities, staff, and clients from threatening behavior.
  • Identify how to balance the client and staff rights and risk management issues.

Mr. Robert F. Rodè, Partner, Voigt, Rodè & Boxeth, LLC
Robert Rodè is a partner with Voigt, Rodè & Boxeth, LLC. Rob serves elder care providers including LTC, AL/HWS, home health, rehab, adult day, hospice and independent living, and the licensed professionals in all settings. Rob works with clients on issues like regulatory and legal compliance, surveys/appeals, OHFC, behaviors, discharges/evictions, contracts, dispute resolution, litigation, employment/labor, CHOW and start-ups, licensing, ethics, and AR. Rob is a frequent speaker, certified arbitrator, adjunct professor at the U of M, active with various state and national provider and legal associations and the MN Elder Justice Center, and was recently named as one of the “50 for the next 50” innovative leaders in older adult services in MN.

Ms. Rebecca K. Coffin, Attorney, Voigt, Rodè & Boxeth, LLC
Rebecca K. Coffin is a Partner with the law firm of Voigt, Rodè & Boxeth, practicing in health law including accounts receivable, regulatory compliance, and HIPAA compliance. Ms. Coffin represents providers on nursing home and home care licensing including change of ownership and bed relocation transactions. Ms. Coffin also practices in employment law and advises clients on a variety of employment and labor issues. She currently represents a number of nursing homes, home care agencies, and housing with services providers.

Original Air Date: 4/12/2016
Length: 60 minutes
Category: Administrative
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