Nurse Documentation - Best Practices in Charting
Nurse Documentation - Best Practices in Charting
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Nurses provide excellent care and services in home care, housing with services and skilled nursing settings. In today’s regulatory world, clinical care must be well documented for the nurses to demonstrate the care and services occurred, and what they were thinking when they provided that care. The quality of your charting (or the lack thereof) can have significant consequences.

Learning objectives
This webinar will describe how important critical thinking and creative interventions are in nursing practice, and how to document “best practices.” In order to protect a nursing license, best serve clients and residents, and avoid liability, a nurse must demonstrate good nursing documentation and understand its importance. Ms. Voigt will provide the legal and practical approach for nurses to follow in documenting care, and offer tips on how to manage risk in nursing by using accurate and descriptive charting.

Susan M. Voigt, Esq., Attorney/Partner
Voigt, Rodè & Boxeth, LLC

Original Air Date: 2/18/2014
Length: 90 minutes
Category: Clinical/Regulatory
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