Developing Excellent Customer Service Skills in LTC Settings
Developing Excellent Customer Service Skills in LTC Settings
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Customer service is the foundation of client-centered care in long-term care. Raising the bar on customer service is critical to remaining competitive and it increases client and family satisfaction. Customer service is crucial with competing providers offering similar services. What distinguishes one provider from another may be the perception of friendly, caring, and attentive service.

Long-term care quality improvement has typically focused on the clinical aspects of care, however long-term care quality starts with people. The importance of training staff to provide friendly, caring, and attentive service cannot be over emphasized. If families perceive staff indifference or a lack of concern or caring, the provider may be at risk for complaints, or something worse.

Most employees want to do the right thing however, they don't know the essentials of top customer service. Any employee who has contact with clients has the potential to retain customers or chase them away.

Learning objectives
  • Understand value of customers and why that is important to every employee
  • Find out who the customer really is
  • Establish service standards for providing excellent service
  • How to Connect, Anticipate, Delight, and Inspire to retain your customers
  • 5 steps to customer service recovery
  • Receive 100+ Service Standards
  • Learn the 4 critical components to great customer service

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