Understanding the Basics:Mental Health Concerns-Older Adults
Understanding the Basics:Mental Health Concerns-Older Adults
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This webinar is developed specifically to address a broad overview of the most common mental health diagnoses and related symptoms experienced by older adults and seniors. Each subset of mental health diagnoses includes a description of how symptoms can impact daily life. In addition, the most common treatments or interventions to address these concerns will be briefly addressed. More in-depth training related to holistic mental health interventions will be provided in June 9 webinar.

Learning objectives
  • Learners will gain a broad understanding of the primary mental health diagnoses and symptoms that affect older adults
  • Learners will be able to identify how mental health concerns can affect daily life for older adults
  • Learners will have a sense of common, evidence based options to address mental health concerns in older adults

  • Michelle Wincell O'Leary, Senior Director of Waivered Services, Touchstone Mental Health
  • Katie Shaughnessy, Manager, Rising Cedar Assisted Living
  • Laura Sandquist, Health and Wellness Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Lead, Touchstone's Community Health and Wellness Center
  • Karla Schmitt, Case Manager, Intense Community Rehabilitation Program
  • Kari Baune, Mental Health Counselor / Intake Specialist, Touchstone Assisted Living
  • Ricki Starck, Mental Health Worker Supervisor, Touchstone's Residential Treatment

Original Air Date: 5/5/2015
Length: 90 minutes
Category: Clinical/Regulatory
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