Enhancing Quality Sleep for Residents
Enhancing Quality Sleep for Residents
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How is your organization assisting residents in one of their most important physical functions—sleep? Sleep disturbances can lead to increased falls, increased illness, cognitive changes, mood and behavioral issues, weight loss, and may affect many other areas of a resident’s life. This webinar will review the basics of sleep hygiene and will explore ways the entire interdisciplinary team can get involved to enhance residents’ quality of sleep.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify why sleep is important
  • Review the stages of sleep and its effect on health and illness
  • Describe strategies to improve the quality of sleep
  • Understand operational processes required to implement a sleep hygiene program
  • Identify interventions to provide an uninterrupted sleep program

Michelle McGinty-Stober, RN, BSN, Consultant, CEO, Senior Care Solutions
Michelle McGinty-Stober has over 27 years of experience in post-acute care settings. Her experience in long-term care includes 17 years as a Nurse Consultant as well as leadership positions in various continuums of care. She has extensive experience with State and Federal regulations and has achieved successful results with clinical operations, regulatory compliance, and project management.

Original Air Date: 7/13/2016
Length: 72 minutes
Category: Clinical/Regulatory
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