Clinical workshop series: Incident investigations
Clinical workshop series: Incident investigations
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The clinical leader is often the person responsible for investigation of residents; incidents and required self-reporting of potential vulnerable adult issues. Our final webinar will explore best practices in conducting investigations, documenting information and follow-through. We will discuss how to take a look at both the micro- and macro- environments of an incident and build a wholistic picture of what happened so that we can make real quality improvements.

Learning objectives
  • Define the information to look for
  • Identify the information to be shared with various parties
  • List three strategies for quality improvements that can result from incident investigation
Karolee AlexanderKarolee Alexander
Clinical & Reimbursement Director, Pathway Health Services

Ms. Alexander has over 25 years of nursing leadership in long-term care, including 12 years as a director of nursing services for various facilities and six years in various MDS and reimbursement positions. In these roles, she has established herself as an expert in the management of nursing operations, reimbursement systems, and performance improvement. She is a strong proponent of person-centered care, having established many programs and processes to bring about the cultural changes to ensure the success of the programs. She has proven success with regulatory turn around, mentoring of nursing management, interim director of nursing roles, as well as systems analysis and implementation of policies and procedures. Karolee also possesses a strong technology interest and has experience with implementation of clinical software systems.

Original Air Date: 09/09/2020
Length: 48 minutes
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