AL workshop: New dementia care license & requirements
AL workshop: New dementia care license & requirements
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August 1, 2021, brings many changes to assisted living settings with a new assisted living license mandate. Housing with services and arranged home care providers in assisted living communities have many decisions to make between now and August 1, 2021. One of the important decisions is what type of license to hold—assisted living license or assisted living with dementia care license. This online workshop will go through the requirements of assisted living with dementia care license so you may make an informed decision.

Assisted living facilities that advertise, market, or otherwise promote as providing specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias must hold a dementia care license and meet additional requirements including demonstrating the capacity to manage residents with dementia; comply with the additional staffing and staff training requirements; and provide some specific services as needed by each resident; in additional to physical plant standards.

Learning objectives
  • Identify what settings must have a dementia care license
  • Understand the staffing and education requirements of a dementia care license
  • Learn the physical plant requirements of a dementia care license
  • Become familiar with the disclosure requirements
Doug BeardsleyMr. Doug Beardsley 
Vice President of Member Services, Care Providers of Minnesota

Doug Beardsley has been involved in the field of long-term care since 1982, when he became a nursing home administrator. Mr. Beardsley has a Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration from the University of Wisconsin•Eau Claire. His experience includes 20 years as a nursing home administrator, three years as a long-term acute care hospital CEO, manager of an in-house LTC pharmacy, and other long-term care related activities. Mr. Beardsley has been the vice president of member services with Care Providers of Minnesota since 2005, where he is responsible for the regulatory activities pertaining to nursing facilities, home care, housing with services, assisted living, and hospice.

Jill ScheweMs. Jill Schewe 
Director of Assisted Living, Housing & Home Care, Care Providers of Minnesota

Jill Schewe has worked in and with assisted living communities her entire career. As a former assisted living manager, her experience was in startup, management, and operations of several assisted living communities. In her current role, Jill works with assisted living providers on any topic they need help with to aid in their success, including licensing, policy, payment, and operational systems. She understands the needs of older adults and home- and community-based services alike. Jill has a BA in sociology and gerontology from Winona State University and an MA in management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.


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Original Air Date: 2/09/2021
Length: 90 minutes
Category: Senior Housing, Assisted Living, & Home Care
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