Clinical care changes & keeping clients safe
Clinical care changes & keeping clients safe
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The new assisted living licensure rules effective August 1, 2021, have many providers scrambling to update their knowledge, policies, and procedures to meet regulatory compliance. This learning session will compare and contrast the new nursing assessment requirements and documentation with that of the current home care statute. The session will also include a review of adult protection requirements and mandated reporting requirements.

  • Describe the requirements for a comprehensive nursing assessment
  • Define the policies that need to be updated or added
  • Identify best practices to operationalize the new requirements
  • Understand adult protection and reporting requirements

Pathway Health
Thank you to Pathway Health for sponsoring this module of the 2021 Senior Housing & Home Care Summit.

Doug BeardsleyMr. Doug Beardsley 
Vice President of Member Services, Care Providers of Minnesota

Doug Beardsley has been involved in the field of long-term care since 1982, when he became a nursing home administrator. Mr. Beardsley has a Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. His experience includes 20 years as a nursing home administrator, three years as a long-term acute care hospital CEO, manager of an in-house LTC pharmacy, and other long-term care related activities. Mr. Beardsley has been the vice president of member services with Care Providers of Minnesota since 2005, where he is responsible for the regulatory activities pertaining to nursing facilities, home care, housing with services, assisted living, and hospice.

Lores VlaminckMs. Lores Vlaminck 
Principal Consultant, Lores Consulting

Lores Vlaminck is a provider of consulting, training, and mentoring for hospice, assisted living, home healthcare, and palliative care providing mock surveys, audits, regulatory consultation, education, mentoring, and advice, as well as assistance in developing post audit correction plans. Through Lores Consulting, Lores draws on her 44 years of professional nursing experience to empower her client providers to reach their greatest potential. Her extensive nursing background includes clinical practice in cardiac and intensive care, clinical services, as well as serving as a founder/director of a home care and hospice agency for 19 years in greater Minnesota. In addition, Lores is an approved trainer for the ELNEC curriculum.

Original Air Date: 5/17/2021
Length: 120 minutes
Category: Senior Housing, Assisted Living, & Home Care
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