Identification & prevention of drug diversion in facilities
Identification & prevention of drug diversion in facilities
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Drug Diversion (aka theft) is everywhere. If you say, ´Not here!’ Typically, that means you are not looking hard enough to catch it. Join us for this webinar to see what perspectives a LTC pharmacy (Guardian Pharmacy) has, storage dos/don'ts, challenges seen, warning signs and proactive steps to take to try to stay ahead of thieves. Since the pandemic has impacted our workforce and mental health, the risk of diversion of controlled substances has never been greater in our facilities. In this presentation we will emphasize the importance of awareness and staff education to reduce the risk of diversion, but also how to identify and investigate diversion when it inevitably knocks on the door of our care centers.

Learning objectives
  • Understand prevalence and impact 
  • Outline consequences of diversion 
  • Review best practices that minimize risk of diversion 
  • Identify "red flags" in procedures, behaviors, and documentation that may indicate diversion
Speaker imageKristina Degiovanni, Pharm D
Pharmacist, Guardian Pharmacy

Kristina Degiovanni is a practicing consultant pharmacist with Guardian Pharmacy of St. Cloud. She serves and leads many skilled nursing facilities in West Central MN through pharmacy related best practices, including supporting them through diversion investigations. 

Original Air Date: 07/27/2023
Length: 65 minutes
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