Comprehensive Home Care Audit Tools
Comprehensive Home Care Audit Tools
Product Code: 800203

This product is intended ONLY for home care providers, not assisted living providers .

Care Providers of Minnesota has developed a three-ring resource binder containing self-audit tools to help your home care agency be in compliance with the new Minnesota Comprehensive Home Care Statutes. Buy the binder once and re-use it over and over as it is designed as a copy-ready resource for your use.

Pick a home care topic, make copies of the audit tool, retrieve an identified number of your personnel files, client service agreements, medication records, etc., assign a staff member to complete the chosen audit, determine whether your documents meet or do not meet the audit expectations...and you will know if you are in compliance or not. In compliance - celebrate! Out of compliance - develop a performance improvement plan, implement the plan, and then re-audit to determine compliance. Contains 47 different areas to audit for compliance

In addition, the binder contains pre-printed tabs and recommended materials for you to assemble your very own Survey Readiness Book - saving you valuable time when surveyors arrive for the survey of your home care agency and improving your survey compliance!

Click here to view a listing of audit tools provided in the binder.

This product is intended for Home Care Providers.
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