Side Rail Pamphlet for Nursing Facilities
Side Rail Pamphlet for Nursing Facilities
Product Code: 800206

This full color tri-fold pamphlet is designed to help nursing facilities educate residents and their family members about the risks and benefits of using side rails. Many survey deficiencies are issued by the Minnesota Department of Health due to staff failing to educate residents and family members about side rails, failing to assess the resident for side rail use, and failing to ensure that any side rail utilized is safe and used according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Following the guidelines outlined in this educational pamphlet should help your facility use side rails consistent with medical, nursing, and health standards of practice. Pamphlets are sold in packets of 50, and this version includes a space for the facility to place a sticker, label or stamp identifying the name of the facility providing the educational resource.

This product is intended for Nursing Facilities.

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