Appendix PP: Surveyor Guidance for SNFs/NFs (with binder)
Appendix PP: Surveyor Guidance for SNFs/NFs (with binder)
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CMS Appendix PP, Guidance to Surveyors for Long Term Care, is now available in a handy tabbed 3-ring binder. This valuable resource includes:

  • Table of contents with statutes, F-Tags, and page numbers.
  • 730+ pages of CMS SNF/NF requirements of participation, including Phase I, II, and III requirements.
  • Surveyor guidance, intent, F-Tag assignment, definitions, survey procedures and probes, CMS references, and examples to clarify deficiency categorizations (severity 1-4).
  • A listing of the new F-Tags (F540 – F949) and groupings, including identification of findings that qualify for substandard quality of care.
  • A crosswalk between the old F-Tags and the new F-Tags.

SNF/NF providers need to have this information available in an easy-to-use format! Care Providers of Minnesota has assembled this binder to help providers better understand the requirements and survey process, resulting in improved survey outcomes.

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This product is intended for Nursing Facilities.
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