Appendix PP: Surveyor Guidance for SNFs/NFs (no binder)
Appendix PP: Surveyor Guidance for SNFs/NFs (no binder)
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For nursing facilities that bought the draft Appendix PP language binder in 2017 before the final CMS guidance was published. Nursing facilities will receive the updated final Appendix PP, wrapped, and three-hole punched. Reuse your binder and tabs to replace their existing and now outdated manual.

Guidance to Surveyors for Long Term Care is available in a handy tabbed 3-ring binder. This valuable resource includes:

  • Table of contents with statutes, F-Tags, and page numbers.
  • 730+ pages of CMS SNF/NF requirements of participation, including Phase I, II, and III requirements.
  • Surveyor guidance, intent, F-Tag assignment, definitions, survey procedures and probes, CMS references, and examples to clarify deficiency categorizations (severity 1-4).

SNF/NF providers need to have this information available in an easy-to-use format! Care Providers of Minnesota has assembled this binder replacement insert to help providers better understand the requirements and survey process, resulting in improved survey outcomes.

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This product will be available to ship February 1, 2018.

This product is intended for Nursing Facilities.
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