2019 Statutes (HC, AL, HWS, VAA & Electronic Monitoring)
2019 Statutes (HC, AL, HWS, VAA & Electronic Monitoring)
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2019 Statutes (HC, AL, HWS, VAA & Electronic Monitoring)

Almost everything an assisted living provider with arranged home care needs to reference bundled into one handy binder. This valuable resource consists of a three-ring binder with tabbed sections, numbered pages, and a table of contents with the following regulatory requirements:

  • Comprehensive and Basic Home Care requirements – 144A (pages 1-55) (effective 7-1-2019)
  • Housing with Services requirements – 144D (pages 57-67) (effective 7-1-2019)
  • Assisted Living requirements – 144G (pages 69-77) (effective 7-1-2019)
  • Assisted Living Licensure requirements 144G (pages 77-159) (effective 9-1-2021)
  • Vulnerable Adults Act requirements 626.557 (pages 161-182) (effective 7-1-2019)
  • Electronic Monitoring requirements 144.6502 (pages 183-189) (effective 1-1-2020)
  • Disclosure of Special Care requirements 325F.72 (pages 191-192) (effective 7-1-2019)

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This product is intended for Senior Housing and Home Care Providers.

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