Assisted Living License Resource Manual
Assisted Living License Resource Manual
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The August 1, 2021, Assisted Living License created a need for all new policies and procedures for licensed assisted living and licensed assisted living with dementia care providers. Previous Comprehensive Home Care and Housing with Services policies and procedures will not align with 144G AL Statues or 4659 AL Rules. The new Care Providers of Minnesota Licensed Assisted Living Resource Manual provides templates for all new assisted living policies and procedures. Included in this purchase are:
A flash drive containing customizable policies and procedures (Word documents), organized into 12 topic-specific chapters
3-hole punched pre-printed tabs for separating out your modified policies and procedures into chapters
A template for creating a customizable cover and spine for your AL policies and procedures

By purchasing the resource, your tasks will be to:
Customize the Word sample policies and procedures to align with your organization’s AL or ALDC practices.
Bring your customized policies and procedures on flash drive to a printer/copy center and have them printed on 3-hole punched paper. Alternatively, you can print them yourself.
Purchase two 3” binders that have clear sleeves for custom cover and spine inserts.
Add your AL’s name to the cover template and print out the cover and spine (preferably in color).
Assemble, using the pre-printed tabs provided.

You should then have your custom policies and procedures in both an electronic format and a printed format for your files (and to share with surveyors).

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This product is intended for licensed assisted living facilities and licensed assisted living with dementia care facilities
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