Assisted Living Emergency Preparedness Manual
Assisted Living Emergency Preparedness Manual
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Minnesota’s licensed assisted living rules require assisted living facilities to be in compliance with CMS Appendix Z – Emergency Preparedness. Appendix Z is a very complicated requirement, is well over 100 pages long, and was never written to apply to assisted living facilities, yet that is what is required.

Advanced Health Insititute (AHI), a business partner of Care Providers of Minnesota, has partnered with Care Providers of Minnesota to create a manual with sample policies, procedures, and forms to help Minnesota’s assisted living facilities comply with Appendix Z.

The manual consists of a binder, tabbed into the four areas required in Appendix Z (Emergency Preparedness Plan, Policies and Procedures, Communications Plan, and Training and Testing), as well as over one dozen tabbed appendix materials with sample forms, spreadsheets, instructions, and templates.

After purchasing the printed manual, assisted living facilities will be able to download all documents electronically. This will enable the facility to personalize and customize all documents to match the needs of the facility. No two facilities are alike – particularly in relation to emergency preparedness – purchasing the manual is only the first step to personalizing and institutionalizing your facility’s emergency preparedness program.

Failure to comply with Appendix Z requirements is the 3rd most common deficiency issued by the Minnesota Department of Health during assisted living surveys….issued in 62% of all surveys conducted to-date. Be prepared for your survey, as well as for emergencies and disasters, by utilizing our new Emergency Preparedness Binder.

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This product is intended for licensed assisted living facilities and licensed assisted living with dementia care facilities.
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