Elder Sexual Violence: Awareness Intervention & Prevention
Elder Sexual Violence: Awareness Intervention & Prevention
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Allegations of abuse in nursing homes have captured media attention in recent months. Sexual assault is an issue that is hard to talk about, and even harder to imagine happening to those we care for. Yet, unfortunately, it happens at increasingly alarming rates, especially to those who are vulnerable due to age or disability, including dementia. 83% of women with a disability will be a victim of sexual assault. It is also true that there are times when allegations of abuse are false, oftentimes as a result of person who has dementia who has misinterpreted how care has been administrated. So how do we separate cases that are real vs. imagined, while promoting dignity and respect to both care receivers and providers?

This web seminar was created as a direct result of real cases in Minnesota with an emphasis on learning how to prevent sexual assault, understand “false” reports, and how to protect those who are vulnerable. Participants will gain skills to reduce incidents of sexual assault and learn how to become a positive part of the solution. It is designed for frontline workers, nursing staff, and social workers who are committed to providing innovative solutions to increase the quality of care they provide. The more you know, the more you can reduce the potential for this happening to the clients you serve.

Ms. Harbir Kaur, M.A., Elder Justice Advocate, ElderCare Rights Alliance
Mr. Kevin Hansen, J.D., Elder Justice Advocate, ElderCare Rights Alliance

Original Air Date: 1/27/2009
Length: 60 minutes (Note: there is a black screen for the first few minutes, however all materials and content are included)
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