Fundamentals of landlord/tenant law
Fundamentals of landlord/tenant law
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Learning more about the complex landlord/tenant relationship is the focus of this session. General provisions under Minnesota Landlord/Tenant law will be discussed, including when a lease is required, and landlord and tenant covenants. Don’t get caught making common landlord mistakes.

This webinar is part of the 2022 Assisted Living Education Series.

Workshop objectives
  • Identify how landlord•tenant law applies to assisted living facilities
  • Identify specific provisions of landlord•tenant law
  • Identify the eviction process and how it may be used by assisted living providers
Speaker imageMichelle Klegon
Attorney, Klegon Law Office, Ltd.

Michelle Klegon is an attorney at Klegon Law Office. She practices in the areas of health law and employment law and has been representing nursing facility, home care, housing and assisted living providers since 1991. Ms. Klegon advises nursing facility, home care and assisted living providers on survey and other regulatory matters and assists housing providers with fair housing issues, contract drafting and review, and conflict resolution. She also advises employers regarding discrimination issues, policy and procedure drafting, conflict resolution, and a variety of other employment law matters. Ms. Klegon regularly conducts provider trainings on all of these topics.

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Original Air Date: 03/03/2022
Length: 120 minutes
Category: Senior Housing, Assisted Living, & Home Care
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