Personalized dementia care—Bridging the gap...
Personalized dementia care—Bridging the gap...
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It is long-term care providers’ responsibility to help residents support a quality of life that aligns with who they are and supports all the things that are important to them. Maintaining a quality of life is crucial to everyone, including those with dementia. People who are suffering from dementia lose the opportunity to control their own quality of life. It is essential, as the supporting cast, to understand their world and provide the stage needed to thrive and not just survive. Learn how to create a personalized dementia care approach.

This webinar is part of the 2022 Assisted Living Education Series.

Workshop objectives
  • Ultimately, we are supporting humans, and understanding how we maneuver our human experience is the key to success
  • Learning how to support what a person living with Dementia retains instead of fighting what they have left is a shift in thinking that requires some unlearning
  • Learn the Positive Approach to Care and feel what happens when we do “with” people instead of doing “to” them

Speaker imageKrisie Barron, LSW, BSW
Caregiver Specialist, Embrace, Inc

Krisie Barron is a Caregiver Specialist, with over twenty five years of experience helping individuals and families walk their aging journey. As a Licensed Social Worker and Family Caregiver, she brings an extensive background of knowledge and experience in Nursing Home Care, Home and Community Based Services, Homecare and Hospice. Krisie embodies the background and insight necessary to bridge the gap between Professional and Family Caregivers. By understanding each other as humans and being conscious of the journey each of us travel we can start with peace, curiosity and grace instead of judgment, punishment and a sense of war in our hearts.

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Original Air Date: 03/02/2022
Length: 120 minutes
Category: Senior Housing, Assisted Living, & Home Care
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