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This webinar is the sixth installment of the wellness webinar series.

Our bodies keep a cumulative score of the effects of stress over time. In this session find out the signs of cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical distress and techniques such as centering and grounding to mitigate the effects of that stress.

Learning objectives
  • Recognize and understand the signs of cognitive, behavioral, emotional and physical distress
  • Understand the importance of self-assessment
  • Gain understanding on the self-care techniques of centering, grounding and mental affirmations
  • Gain knowledge on what self-acceptance looks like and how we can use it in our work life

speaker imageShirlynn LaChapelle, RN, BSN, SNP, PHN, MSN, PMHNP
President/CEO, Nursing Is The Answer, LLC
Shirlynn LaChapelle's goal is to holistically and positively impact the health of persons, specifically those in the African American other communities of color. Understanding the emotional barriers hindering their willingness to trust and access the healthcare system based on the historic trauma still existing. Her biggest achievement is being able to compassionately address the needs of the community through educating and teaching self-advocacy and empower them to be able access and utilize the healthcare system. Providing education on heart disease, diabetes, and their comorbidities will equip the community with the tools needed to participate fully as active partners with their providers in their care and result in the desired achievement of positive health outcomes. Current health-related committees:
  • Attorney General’s Drug Pricing Taskforce
  • MDH Cardiovascular Collaborative
  • MDH 2030 Cardiovascular and Diabetes Work Group
  • Ramsey County’s Mental Health and Wellness Action Team (MHWAT)
  • DHS COVID taskforce member with the African American Child Wellness Institute
  • MN Nurses Association Diversity Taskforce 
  • National Black Nurse Practitioner Association
  • Holistic Nurses Association

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Original Air Date: 06/23/2021
Length: 60 minutes
Category: All Audiences
Category: Free for Members
Category: Human Resources
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