Caring for Caregivers


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The fifth in the wellness webinar series continues to expand the foundation of self-care using the key concepts of strength, risks, and trauma.

This has been a year unlike any in our lifetimes. The stress of change and chaos has been overwhelming at times. How are you doing?

Thank you for all you do! But now it’s time to recharge. Caregivers frequently think of others first. That’s nice, but nobody can drink from an empty well. Dan Hegstad has been teaching stress management for people in stressful jobs for years. Many of his teachings come from my 30 years as a student and teacher of T’ai Chi. You don’t have to learn T’ai Chi to learn from T’ai Chi. Many of the ancient principles are as relevant today as ever. Please join us as Dan shares his tools, thoughts, and practices on caring for caregivers.

Learning objectives
  • Recognize the additional stressors of caregiving during a pandemic
  • Understand how our brain can work against our best interests
  • A basic understanding of T'ai Chi as a stress reducing exercise
  • Understanding and recognizing the symptoms of stress
  • The importance of honesty in communicating our needs to others
  • Practical steps the caregiver can take to mitigate or alleviate stress
  • A list of resources for support
  • A free video of Chi Gung: The Ten Ways on presenter's website

speaker imageDan Hegstad
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Easy Street Video Productions
Dan is a professional speaker based in northern Minnesota, who has done many presentations on coping with stress. Dan uses the power of the spoken word to deliver presentations that are both substantive and entertaining—presentations that make a difference!

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Original Air Date: 04/29/2021
Length: 60 minutes
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