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Care Providers of Minnesota is excited to present a new workforce online workshop series! There is no getting around it; long-term care thrives on people-power—leaders, critical thinkers, and caregivers. How do you find new talent, retain quality staff, and create a successful work environment? Whether you are looking to hire staff, develop existing talent, or improve the dynamics of your team, this workshop series will ensure that your time and energy are spent on the right people at the right time.

Sept. 23, 2019   |   Cultural awareness in the workplace
Oct. 23, 2019   |   Hiring for success: best practices for hiring trustworthy employees
 Dec. 5, 2019   |   Hiring for keeps: strategies to retain staff
Jan. 15, 2020   |   Be a great supervisor
Feb. 11, 2020   |   Empowering front-line staff: a servant leadership perspective

September 23, 2019 | Cultural awareness in the workplace

Is your workplace becoming more diverse? Do you struggle with staff communication and does your staff struggle to communicate with each other? A successful work environment is founded on effective and open communication. If you want to better understand your staff , this session will provide you with insight and strategies. This session offers a personal perspective from a culturally-diverse person to help you create a workspace of respect, appreciation, and understanding for each other.

See Moua-LeskePresenter
Ms. See Moua-Leske
Program Manager, Southwest Adult Basic Education–Marshall

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October 23, 2019 | Hiring for success: Best practices for hiring trustworthy employees

Care Providers of Minnesota commissioned Martin-McAllister Consulting Psychologists—industrial psychologists—to examine the long-term care industry to gain insight on hiring and training staff. In this session, Dr. Laura Pendergrass will discuss some of the common challenges and pitfalls in interviewing and selecting candidates for care provider roles. She will discuss practical steps to take in enhancing employee election processes, based on scientific research and accumulated experience. Using real world examples, Dr. Pendergrass will offer examples of red flags to look for in interview answers that might indicate future management challenges.

Laura PendergrassPresenter
Dr. Laura Pendergrass
Licensed Psychologist, Martin-McAllister Consulting Psychologists

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December 5, 2019 | Hiring for keeps: Strategies to retain staff

From bedside to boardroom, senior care communities are challenged with the need to attract, retain, and develop their team members. In an increasingly-competitive talent market challenged by caregiver shortages, high turnover, and an aging population with more sophisticated care needs, providers must rethink their workforce strategies—evolving recruiting, engagement, and retention tactics to attract and develop talent. Organizations need to build a nurturing and rewarding culture to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover. As studies have shown, when properly engaged, employees do their best work, inspiring others and improving resident care and satisfaction. Learn new tactics to enhance staff recruit, engagement, and retention.

Lisa FordycePresenter
Ms. Lisa Fordyce
Executive Vice President, OnShift

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January 15, 2020 | Be a great supervisor

Learn how to be the leader that people want as their supervisor and who brings out the best in team members. This session will focus on developing the very qualities we have observed in the supervisors we admire and appreciate. Participants will learn the qualities that make someone a positive and effective leader, the five traits of effective leaders, three key practices that will engage staff, and how to assist team members in solving problems.

Dr. Charles A. “Chad” WeinsteinPresenter
Dr. Charles A. “Chad” Weinstein
President, Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC

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February 11, 2020 | Empowering front-line staff: A servant leadership perspective

Supervisors and managers of front-line employees play a pivotal role in assuring that the people they lead are both able and eager to create outstanding resident experiences. This session will present practical skills and concepts from the tradition of servant leadership that will enable supervisors to guide, direct, coordinate, and sometimes inspire team members to work together with a sense of mission and a commitment to service. The best part: doing great work can be fun, too! This will be a session filled with real-life stories and practical advice.

Dr. Charles A. “Chad” WeinsteinPresenter
Dr. Charles A. “Chad” Weinstein
President, Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC

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Cheryl Smith
Director of Education

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