Workforce series: Empowering front-line staff
Workforce series: Empowering front-line staff
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Supervisors and managers of front-line employees play a pivotal role in assuring that the people they lead are both able and eager to create outstanding resident experiences. This session will present practical skills and concepts from the tradition of servant leadership that will enable supervisors to guide, direct, coordinate, and sometimes inspire team members to work together, with a sense of mission and a commitment to service. The best part: doing great work can be fun, too! This will be a session filled with real-life stories and practical advice.

Workshop objectives
  • Harness the dynamics of empowerment to bring out the best in team members
  • Develop core communication skills for supervisors
  • Use a sense of purpose and mission to enliven an organizational culture

Dr. Charles A. “Chad” WeinsteinDr. Charles A. “Chad” Weinstein
President, Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC

As president of Ethical Leaders in Action, Charles “Chad” Weinstein provides leadership development and strategic consulting services to healthcare, public safety, government, and business organizations. Chad is the lead instructor for Care Providers of Minnesota’s Leading4Life Leadership Fellowship Program and author of Thinking Aloud: Reflections on Ethical Leadership. He has been a consultant and manager for more than 25 years and holds an MA and PhD in ethics (philosophy) from the University of Minnesota and a BA from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Original Air Date: 02/11/2020
Length: 86 minutes
Category: Human Resources
Category: Administrative
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