Bed System Measurement Device 10-day Rental
Bed System Measurement Device 10-day Rental
Product Code: 800179

Do you know if your bed systems are safe? The FDA has published dimensional guidance regarding bed design to minimize fatal resident entrapments within a bed system. The FDA guidance uses specific measuring tools and tests to determine safe versus unsafe beds systems (bed frame, headboard, footboard, mattress, and siderails). Care Providers of Minnesota has purchased two of the FDA approved bed system testing kits. These kits are available for providers to rent. The rental kits consist of all the approved tools and test methods to self-test the bed systems in your facility. The kit may be kept at a facility for a period of ten calendar days per rental period, and is available to member facilities at the price of $150.00 per rental. The price includes round-trip insured shipping through FedEx, and return shipping is initiated through a simple phone call to FedEx. By properly using the testing tools on your bed systems, you should be able to determine which bed systems are safe and unsafe. Items included with the toolkit (and retained by the renting facility after the rental period) include resources to develop mitigation strategies for systems determined to be unsafe and clinical guidance focusing on risk intervention, individualized resident environmental changes, and more.

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